Understanding men to get the relationship you want

WTF Dude? 

Understanding men to get the relationship you want

Have you looked at a man and wondered:  
“How can anyone want to talk so little, be so unemotional, be so oblivious to so many things…
and how can I get him to be more romantic or into me?”

demystifying men workshop

Both men and women want the same things – to be loved, to be desired and to be understood – but they see the world, and fall in love, in totally different ways. 

In this eye-opening workshop you’ll go behind the scenes of evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and the sociology of the sexes to be understand and relate to the opposite sex. 

Plus, a panel of three attractive, intelligent, thoughtful men will answer your  questions from their perspective!

Get to the roots of all those perplexing male behaviours such as why:

  • He’s obsessed with sex yet pulls away after a few dates
  • He withdraws rather then talks about it when things get stressful
  • He is often super slow to commit
  • He actually means what he says but can have a hard time articulating what he’s feeling
  • He can spend hours perfecting his sports game yet is completely incapable of tossing his laundry in the hamper
  • He’d rather stay lost than ask for directions

Learn how to:

  • Make any man feel great and really listen to you (without sex!)
  • Get him to do something willingly without him thinking you are nagging
  • Talk to a man in a language he understands
  • Navigate sex so that you both feel good (whether you are doing it or not)
  • Stop inadvertently sabotaging your chances with the opposite sex

And finally answer the questions: 

  • What do men really want from women?
  • Who should really be doing the pursuing in relationships?
  • Which gender should be more like the other for a better world?


Praise for June Morrow’s workshops

Genuinely useful and a lot of fun! – Marichka Melnyk

I asked June to facilitate a talk for a group of single women 50+. She had a wide variety of good information about numerous issues related to dating, and she kept the discussion positive, lively, interactive and fun! I got great feedback from the group. Dating is a tricky subject, and June’s approach was just the right one to encourage, inform and motivate us. – Roberta Scott

June knows what she’s talking about. Her workshop was filled with excellent points and great exercises on how to meet new people! – Paula Tassone

“June’s insights are pure gold. I feel like I feel I have earned a college diploma in how to better understand the opposite sex and be an effective communicator!” – Brian Moran

For more information or upcoming dates contact june@datingschanged.com



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