Creating Chemistry through Conversation

create chemistry through conversation

Does the thought of approaching a cute stranger leave you tongue tied?

Small talk fill you with dread?

Is the most painful part of dating or making new friends not knowing what to talk about, feeling bored or enduring awkward silences?

Relate to and create authentic connections with anyone.

In this fun, eye-opening and interactive workshop you’ll learn how some of the world’s most charming people create chemistry and authentic connections with those around them.

Topics include:

  • The cringe-worthy mistakes most people make when meeting someone new
  • Three steps to create a memorable connection with absolutely anyone (even when there is nothing in common)
  • Easy icebreakers and proven techniques to approach attractive strangers
  • How to keep a conversation going and the five goals of any conversation
  • The differences in how men and women communicate and what that means for you
  • Why STFU may be the best acronym you’ll ever use on a date
  • The Zeigarnik effect and how to use it to have them hanging on to your every word
  • How to flirt by text and the one text message you NEVER want to send
  • How to spark sexual attraction without coming across as creepy, sleazy or slutty
  • What to do when a date won’t shut up, won’t open up or wants you to get too personal too fast
  • The V word and how it can be the most powerful chemistry building tool ever (nope, it’s not what you think)

As an added bonus, all attendees will also receive Dating’s Changed’s exclusive list of 20 conversation-starters for memorable dates.

Praise for June Morrow’s workshops

Genuinely useful and a lot of fun! – Marichka Melnyk

I asked June to facilitate a talk for a group of single women 50+. She had a wide variety of good information about numerous issues related to dating, and she kept the discussion positive, lively, interactive and fun! I got great feedback from the group. Dating is a tricky subject, and June’s approach was just the right one to encourage, inform and motivate us. – Roberta Scott

June knows what she’s talking about. Her workshop was filled with excellent points and great exercises on how to meet new people! – Paula Tassone

“June’s insights are pure gold. I feel like I feel I have earned a college diploma in how to better understand the opposite sex and be an effective communicator!” – Brian Moran

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