Seven unique summer date ideas

summer date ideas - go bicycling

Seven unique summer date ideas

summer date ideas - go bicycling

One of my favourite first dates included a drive in the country where we discovered a gourmet poutine food truck in the middle of nowhere. (It was a very Canadian moment.)

It also included the three criteria that when taken together pave the way for a natural connection with another person. Opportunities to: 

  1. do something together
  2. observe something together
  3. discuss something together

No gourmet poutine food trucks in your area? No worries. Summer provides a cornucopia of options that meet the criteria above and make fantastic first, second, third or even friend dates.

Here are seven I recommend and some conversation prompts to keep the connection going.


Discover your wild side at the zoo

7 summer date ideas - get wild at the zoo

Animals! They’re entertaining on YouTube and even better in real life… well, unless they are sleeping in a corner where you can’t really see them. But hey! At the zoo you can always move on to the next animal! It’s just like YouTube, but real life.

Spark a conversation with this question: If you could come back as an animal, what would you want to be?


Cheer on your favourite team at a baseball game

7 summer date ideas - baseball game

No pro-league in your town? Pro prices out of your own league? No problem. Check out the amateur teams playing at your local ball diamond (or for something really cute a T-ball game).

Spark a conversation with this question: What would you step up to bat for?


Step back in time at a living history village

7 summer date ideas - a historical village

How on earth did people live without Netflix? Find out as you watch actors spin yarn, milk cows and tell you all about ye olden days.  

Spark a conversation with this question: What era do you relate to the most? 


Have your own mini Indy at a go-kart track

Speed demon? Meet your match! Go-karts are just as much fun for adults as for kids. Race your date around the track. Winner buys ice cream.

Spark a conversation with this question: What’s your worst experience when you were learning to drive?


Snuggle at a sunset picnic

7 summer date ideas - a sundown picnic

Pick a city park, local beach or another outdoor environment. Pack a blanket, plates and utensils, and agree that each brings a dish to surprise the other. Watch the sun go down and make up stories about other picnickers or people walking.

Spark a conversation with this question: What foods could you not live without?


Cool down in an aquarium

7 unique summer date ideas - visit an aquarium

Temperatures too hot to even think of walking around outside?  Feel soothed and cool as a jellyfish as sharks swim over you in an indoor aquarium.

Spark a conversation with this question: What’s the scariest experience you’ve ever had?


Get flirty at the fair

7 summer date ideas - the fair

With so many opportunities to ride together, play together and sample wacky foods together (deep-fried butter anyone?), amusement parks, summer fairs and exhibitions were made for getting to know someone… just eat after you get on that roller coaster.

Spark a conversation with this question: What’s the most thrilling thing you’ve ever done?


What are your favourite summer date ideas? Leave a comment below!


Want more? Check out Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer for a list of 167 great date ideas plus tons of tips on how to date with confidence. 


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