Date like royalty: 3 things Meghan and Harry did right

Date like Meghan and Harry


May 19 was the perfect day for a fairytale wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. If you are single, however, you might be wondering where is my prince? When will I meet my princess? 

Although the odds are super slim that your next partner will be a smoking hot part of the monarchy or a sexy star of an episodic TV drama, there are ways you can date with more nobility. 

Here are three things the royal couple did right in their courtship that you can too. 

1.  They met through friends

Meghan and Harry were set up by a friend on a blind date. Who does that anymore? The rich and famous, apparently. The rest of us are all heads down, swipe, swipe, swiping on our phones. 

But, here’s the thing. Your friends know you: they know your values, they know your personality, and they may know the perfect person for you.  My parents met on a blind date and they are still together over 50 years later. Don’t discount it as a way to meet people.

2. They took their time

Meghan and Harry met in June 2016 and didn’t get engaged until October 2017. That’s 14 months during which they spent a lot of time alone as well as together with family and friends. They did their due diligence with each other before fully committing and you should too. 

It typically takes between three and six months to know someone well enough to determine if they would be a good long-term match for you. Yet, how many of us rush into exclusivity after just a few weeks? Take your time. If they are the right person for you, they will too. 

3. Meghan kept her identity

Okay, this one is tricky because the truth is to become a royal spouse Meghan actually had to give up a lot: her acting career and a popular blog, for two. 

What I’m talking about here is how she expressed her heritage at the wedding. It would have been easy to just have an uber-traditional Anglican church wedding. Instead, their ceremony included an Episcopal bishop with a non-traditional sermon and a choir singing a pop song. In those two elements, she showed the world a part of who she is. 

And this is important because it’s often easy to let go of our interests in the early stages of a relationship or, worse, pretend we are interested in things we aren’t so that they will like us more. I’ve done it. I’m sure some of you have too. 

But, here’s the thing: the most attractive people in the world are people who know who they are and aren’t afraid to share it. 

Are you ready to date with more nobility?

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