Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer


Why do I keep attracting the wrong men? Is my independence turning them off?
Where are all the good men???

Stripper turned journalist, June Em wrestled with these same questions, continually attracting Mr. Wrong until, through a journey of self-discovery, she uncovered the answers and subsequently attracted Mr. Right.


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In Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer: an unconventional guide for women who want to understand men, date with confidence, and put themselves first she bare it all.

Peek into the unguarded motivations of thousands of men (hint: they don’t just go to strip clubs for the nudity)

Gain wisdom earned from over 100 dates (so you’ll need far fewer)

And learn step-by-step how to be more confident, playful and fearless, not only with men but with life itself.


Full of research, practical exercises and candid tips from the dating trenches, Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer reveals:

  • ten standards that put you on the fast-track to the right man for you
  • what men really want from a partner and the top reasons they lose interest
  • how to win at the online dating game, meet quality men in real life, and experience thrilling dates in real life
  • when to have sex for the first time (including six times when it’s perfectly legit to do it sooner rather than later)
  • how to date multiple men and why you must do this before committing to anyone
  • guaranteed signs a guy is into you and what to do if he’s not
  • proven ways to cultivate killer self-confidence in the dating game and in life


What women are saying about
Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer

Reading this was a like a good chat with a close girlfriend. It built my confidence in a gentle way and made me think about men in a whole new way. Watch out guys, here I come! ” – Pria K. 

“I’m dating someone right now and this was like a step-by-step guide to everything I was going through. It was everything I needed to know.” – Christie T. 

“June clearly knows her stuff. Not only has she done her research, she’s spoken to tonnes of men,  and she’s gone through this. Unlike other dating books, she’s never glib or shallow. She’s gotten in there and got dirty with it.” – Carole T.

“This is a smart book with some really legit, sensible advice. It doesn’t blow smoke up your ass but gets to you to figure yourself and what you want out.” – Mary D.  

“Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer gets you grounded on what really matters. It’s not just a self-help book, it’s a commitment to yourself. ” – Emma G.

“A great reference whether you are happily single, looking, or already in a relationship. I’m going to be looking back to this book for years to come.” – Hannah M.


You don’t have to dumb yourself down, manipulate men, or follow “rules” to get the love you deserve.

Whether you want to get comfortable dating or break out of your dating comfort zone, Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer shows you how to get clear on what you want and develop the kind of authentic magnetism that draws your ideal partner to you.

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