WTF do women want? Understanding women

Trying to attract, have sex with, or be in a relationship with a woman
without first understanding her is like heading into the jungle,
alone at night without a light or a compass.

As much as you think you can find your way, you are inevitably going to get hopelessly lost.  

women are a mystery - understand women

Have you ever looked at woman and wondered:

“How can anyone want to talk so much, remember so many irrelevant details, be so irrational…
and why won’t she have sex with me?”

Both men and women want the same things – to be loved, to be desired and to be understood – but they see the world, and fall in lust and love, in totally different ways.

In this interactive, eye-opening workshop, you’ll go behind the scenes of evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and the sociology of the sexes to learn more about how women really operate. Plus, a panel of three attractive, intelligent women will answer your questions on the spot. 

Get to the root of all those perplexing female behaviours, such as why she:  

  • says one thing but means something completely different
  • is hot one minute and cold the next
  • wants to talk about it… all the time!
  • needs romance and what that really means
  • didn’t have sex with you even though all the signs were there
  • gets angry when you forget something trivial

Learn how to:

  • Tell if she’s interested in you and not just being nice
  • Talk to a woman in a language she understands
  • Make her feel great and want to move things to the next level
  • Escape the dreaded “friend zone”
  • Stop inadvertently sabotaging your chances with the opposite sex

And finally answer the question:

  • What do women really want from men?
  • Who should really be doing the pursuing in relationships?
  • Which gender should be more like the other for a better world?


Praise for June Morrow’s workshops

Genuinely useful and a lot of fun! – Marichka Melnyk

I asked June to facilitate a talk for a group of single women 50+. She had a wide variety of good information about numerous issues related to dating, and she kept the discussion positive, lively, interactive and fun! I got great feedback from the group. Dating is a tricky subject, and June’s approach was just the right one to encourage, inform and motivate us. – Roberta Scott

June knows what she’s talking about. Her workshop was filled with excellent points and great exercises on how to meet new people! – Paula Tassone

“June’s insights are pure gold. I feel like I feel I have earned a college diploma in how to better understand the opposite sex and be an effective communicator!” – Brian Moran

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