How to be sexy, sensual and seductive (without totally cracking up)

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This one’s for the ladies only…

Does the thought of trying to seduce someone make you feel ridiculous?

Has your sex drive all but disappeared under the weight of the rest of your life? Are your more comfortable with the lights off?

We are all incredibly sexy beings. Some of us have simply forgotten it.

Unleash your inner vixen and captivate anyone!

In this fun, interactive and eye-opening workshop you’ll learn how to awaken, tune into, turn on and revel in your innate sexual power.

You’ll learn how to 

  • Discover your unique brand of irresistible sexiness
  • Use voice, eye contact, body language and thoughts to seduce anyone 
  • Experience more sensuality in your daily life 
  • Overcome self-consciousness and learn how to accept pleasure 
  • Use female and male energies to bring more dynamism into your sex life 
  • Bring more joy and playfulness into the bedroom 
  • Cut through media and social messaging about sexuality
  • Embrace your dark side 

 It’s good being bad!

Whether you are in a relationship, trying to find one or happily single, you will leave with tools, tips and techniques to create more eroticism and sexual confidence in your life. 


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June Em on how to be sexy, sensual and seductive without totally cracking up
Learn how to be more playful with Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer author June Em.

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