Online Dating Dilemmas: Solved!

surprising benefits of online dating

Attract more high-quality people in the largest meet-market in the world.

Are you tired of:

  • Attracting the wrong people online?
  • Sending messages that go nowhere?
  • Getting stuck in messaging limbo where you never meet in real life?
  • Seeing the same faces over and over again?
  • Being disappointed by dates who don’t show up as advertised?
  • Worrying about your safety and privacy when meeting strangers online?

In 2014, one-third of new couples first met on the internet. Online dating is one of the best ways to find love, companionship and a lot of fun but without a clear strategy it’s easy to be overwhelmed and burnt out.

Highlights of this fun, interactive workshop include:

  • Three common ways people unknowingly sabotage themselves online
  • Little known photo tricks that get more attention
  • Five ways to make a profile compelling and why yours may be driving great people away
  • The jam experiment and how that relates to online dating
  • Strategic messaging tips to elicit better responses
  • How to get that first date
  • Easy ways to ensure your safety online and off
  • Strategies to renew your energy and enthusiasm for online dating and prevent burnout
  • Plus, all your online dating questions answered

Whether you have been online dating for years or are simply considering it, this session will give you the tools and techniques to end those lonely nights and meet more fantastic matches in real life.

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