101 places to meet real people in real life

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101 places to meet quality singles in real life

I got into a serious relationship when I was 29 and left it at 43. Newly single, I felt like I had landed on a different planet. Where were all the other single people my age?

Sure, plenty were on online dating sites and apps but they were hit or miss. Some were great. Others didn’t exactly show up as promised… if they showed up at all.

In my early 20s, if I wanted to meet someone I would have called up my friends, hit a nightclub, downed some “liquid courage” and hooked up with the hottie across the room. Twenty years later, most of those friends were busy raising families, the walk of shame no longer appealed to me and I had too much I wanted to do on weekends to risk a hangover. But while I’d pretty much outgrown the bar scene, I sure as Hell wasn’t ready to stay home every night either.

There had to be a better way to meet people.

Over the next three years, I made it my mission to find them. What I discovered was that quality singles of every age do very much exist and many of them are too busy enjoying their lives to worry about digital dating.

This means if you want to meet your match in real life, you have to do it the old-fashioned way – by getting off your couch, getting out of your home and doing things that interest you in real life on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are lots of places to do this other than bars and nightclubs. Here are 101 of them!

Career-oriented types

  1. Industry conferences and trade shows
  2. Professional development courses and motivational seminars
  3. Professional associations and networking events
  4. Workshops for entrepreneurs
  5. Toastmasters and other public speaking clubs
  6. Alumni association events

Team players and sporty types

  1. Co-ed sports leagues (softball, Ultimate, volleyball, soccer, etc.)
  2. Tennis clubs
  3. Golf clubs
  4. Professional sporting events

Fitness and health conscious types

  1. Yoga classes
  2. The gym
  3. Outdoor boot camp classes
  4. Running clubs and learn to run programs
  5. Fun runs and marathons
  6. Cycling clubs
  7. Extreme challenges like Tough Mudder

Artsy and creative types

  1. Art galleries and art show opening
  2. Acting classes
  3. Amateur theatre organizations
  4. Improv and stand-up comedy classes
  5. Poetry slams and spoken word nights
  6. Lineups and Q&As at theatre and film festivals
  7. Photography clubs
  8. Art classes and paint lounges
  9. Sketch drawing nights
  10. Comic book jams
  11. Filmmaking clubs
  12. Writer’s groups

Musicians and music fans

  1. Group guitar, ukulele or other instrument lessons
  2. Open mic nights and public jam sessions
  3. Songwriters circles
  4. Karaoke
  5. Choirs and sing-a-long nights
  6. Concerts and outdoor music festivals

Game players (in the good way)

  1. Scrabble and other board game leagues
  2. Ping pong clubs
  3. Pool and billiards halls
  4. Poker tournaments
  5. Horse races
  6. Car and motorcycle races

Dancers and light on their feet types

  1. Salsa lessons and practice nights
  2. Swing dance lessons and practice nights
  3. Tango lessons and practice nights
  4. Line dance lessons
  5. Contact improv classes and “free form” dance nights

Foodies and alcohol aficionados

  1. Cooking classes
  2. Wine and spirits tastings
  3. Supper clubs
  4. Beer festivals

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Adrenaline seekers

  1. Indoor or outdoor rock climbing
  2. Surfing
  3. Scuba diving excursions
  4. Sky diving
  5. Zip lining and tree top trekking centres

Outdoorsy types

  1. Hiking clubs
  2. Sailing clubs
  3. Dragon boat teams
  4. Ski clubs
  5. Birdwatching clubs
  6. Environmental preservation groups like The Sierra Club

Bookish types, intellectuals and deep thinkers

  1. Trivia nights
  2. Astronomy clubs
  3. Museum lecture series and after-hours events
  4. Historical re-enactments
  5. Science centre events
  6. Libraries and book stores
  7. Comic-Cons and other fan fairs
  8. Book readings
  9. TED talks

World travellers

  1. Travel lectures
  2. Language classes
  3. Airplanes, trains, buses and their stations
  4. Singles cruises
  5. Walking and bus tours
  6. Popular tourist attractions

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Spiritual types

  1. Church, synagogue, temple or other place of worship
  2. Personal growth workshops and seminars
  3. 12-step programs (but only if you have the particular issue!)
  4. Psychic fairs
  5. Holistic centres
  6. Yoga, meditation and retreats

Altruistic types and people who want to make a difference

  1. Habitat for Humanity builds
  2. Volunteering to help the homeless (food banks, shelters, sandwich runs, etc.)
  3. Charity boards, organizing committees and volunteering at charity events
  4. The Humane Society or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  5. Blood donor clinics
  6. Political campaigns
  7. Political protests

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Any and all types

  1. Public parks
  2. Dog parks
  3. Continuing education classes
  4. Flea markets
  5. Street fairs and ethnic festivals
  6. Car shows
  7. Condo open houses
  8. Coffee shops
  9. Beaches
  10. House parties and dinner parties
  11. Weddings
  12. Almost any meetup that includes members of the gender you want to attract and matches your interest on meetup.com.

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