Love your love life

Experience more confidence, clarity and control in your love life. 

Sick of attracting the wrong people? 
 Frustrated with online dating? 
Having a hard time meeting decent people in real life?
Unsure how to make that first move or get a subsequent date? 
Coming out of a long-term relationship and baffled by modern dating? 

As a dating and relationship strategist, I help smart people experience more joy, passion, and connection in their lives so that they can more quickly attract the right person and the right relationship for them. 

 Find love, romance, Couple with umbrella kissing at night alley.

My practice focuses on women and men in their 30s, 40s and 50s who are ready to authentically connect with themselves and with others, and are ready to step out of their comfort zone just a tiny bit to make that happen.  

There will be homework.
If you do it, you will see results. 

Attract more people who fit your criteria for “the one”.
Get better results from online dating.
Experience more dynamic, memorable and fun dates. 
Get over that breakup, get your life back and get back in the game with gusto.
Live the kind of life that makes you magnetic to the type of person you want to attract.

Banish loneliness for good!

back view of lovely young couple hugging in winter

I found the love of my life and firmly believe that you can to.

If you would like to move from a single life filled with frustration,
to one filled with confidence, clarity, positive experiences and mutual attraction, I want to help.  


How I work

I work with clients around the world via Zoom or Skype, and in person in the Toronto area.  As well, I also run small group coaching programs in the Greater Toronto Area.   

All coaching includes an initial complimentary half-hour session to ensure you’re a good candidate for coaching with me and I’m a good candidate for coaching you (kind of like a first date but without any pressure to impress the other).


Tell me a bit more about your situation in the form below, and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.  


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